The idea of FeedsCube

Connect App

Integrate your new or existing Facebook App into our system and benefit from many available premium tools including advanced statistics, user management and many other.

Invite People

Setup your landing page and let others discover your app. Our palette of marketing tools will help you attract more people to join.


Use our tools to let all your app users and their connections to know about campaign. Track shares and likes and get the best social media advertizing experience.


What does FeedsCube offer?

If you use Facebook as one of your promotional platforms, FeedsCube lets you have full control over your campaigns, internal organization of publish material and rich statistical reports.

What are Credits?

With your monthly subscription you get the amount of credits you can spend for any supported features in FeedsCube. You can share posts on your app users walls, create surveys, polls and competitions.

Advanced Statistics

  • + App users details
  • + Filtering and sorting
  • + Creating user groups
  • + Shares tracking
  • + Posts management

Marketing Tools

  • + Responsive landing pages
  • + Poll System
  • + Competition System
  • + Social Galleries
  • + Surveys

Advertising Tools

  • + Customizing Facebook posts
  • + Inviting to events and pages
  • + Target groups filtering
  • + Building audience


Contact Info

  • +381 63 467797
  • support@feedscube.com
  • Mon-Fri 09-17h (UTC+1)